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Oblique Single Desk Soft Maple


It’s all in the detail. The Oblique Single Desk in soft maple has a unique, modern design, that allows you to seamlessly integrate it into any existing office space.

With height-settable legs, you can customise the height of your desk to best suit you, meaning it can provide ergonomic support throughout the day, whilst accommodating for uneven floor surfaces. The scallop at the rear of the office desk lets you easily hide messy cables and cords whilst still allowing you to push the desk against a wall or partition or pair two desks back to back. It also facilitates the addition of clamp-on accessories like monitor arms and power boards.

Available in a range of sizes, the single desk was designed to give you the freedom to work however you like, with ample desks pace to accommodate for whatever your workday throws at you.

Product Options and Codes:
Single Desk 1200W x 750D X 720H (620H – 920H) Soft Maple – FIO1DK1275S
Single Desk 1500W x 750D X 720H (620H – 920H) Soft Maple – FIO1DK1575S
Single Desk 1800W x 750D X 720H (620H – 920H) Soft Maple – FIO1DK1875S



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