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Jari Polypropylene Adjustable Stool


Product Description
The Polypropylene Jari Stool is made to keep you focused and concentrate better. Similar to a tripod, it features a rotating convex base that forms a solid leg where your legs act as the other two tripod legs. This allows you to continuously move, flex and adjust yourself. The height is gas adjustable ideal for use in classrooms, libraries or open spaces because you don’t need a range of different chairs to suit the needs of different people. This chair is for everyone and doesn’t comprise comfort and style.

  • Polypropylene base with a convex seat pad covered with soft fabric
  • 100mm height adjustable with the pull of a button
  • Light weight with under-seat grips for easy transportation
  • Slip resistant TPE base pad encourages movement and provides stability during dynamic sitting
  • Colors Available: Yellow ,Blue, Red & Lime White.
Product Information
  • Delivery 5-7 Working Days
  • No Returns
  • Shipped from Supplier
  • 5 Year Excludes Upholstery Manufacturers Warranty
  • $159 Including Delivery & GST


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